Gnome Sweater!

Actor. Teacher. Stage Combatant. Gnome Collector. Recently finished the short film I wrote and produced, which was just accepted into the Best Shorts Competition. Check out the trailer and look out for its release this August.

I teach Improv to ages 8-14 at Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken. If you're in that age range, please leave this site it's not appropriate. Instead go to and sign up for one of my classes!

I have worked in Commercials, Web Series, and Sketches. I train and assist stage combat classes at Neutral Chaos Combat and I take on camera classes at Kimball Studio. You can also frequently see me on stage, performing regionally and in and around NYC. Check out the News Feed for the most recent updates.

Raised in Colorado, I grew up with a love for practicing an active lifestyle. I put that practice to work in my acting, approaching most roles from the outside in and adding dynamic physicality to the story whenever possible. It's the reason I have trained in stage combat with the SAFD since 2011; it's the reason I collect garden gnomes who are the forest's most underestimated heroes; and it's why I love outdoor Shakespeare, which I have had the benefit of performing on the beautiful Hoboken waterfront with Mile Square Theatre, where I have been a company member for the past four years. Find out more about MST, Hudson County's largest arts organization, at their website HERE.

I've made this website as a one stop shop for all things me. If you are looking for things not me, I am sorry but you have come to the wrong place.